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NYCold (by antheia)
California EDD came through! I got the old November check on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I got 4 forms that cover the remainder of the year. Now I just have to fill them out and return them. Separately, they will not be much, since I was working at the time, but all together they should be just over $400.

I am going to the wine shop today to get my daily hours---short story here: The wine shop had their pay week run from Wednesday to Tuesday, and the State of California (and probably 98% of the rest of the world) have theirs Sunday to Saturday. So while I did keep my own hours, it was obviously difficult to keep track in the 100ths of an hour. On a weekly basis, it was close enough for me, but I need to be exact for the UI forms, since they could check with the wine shop to verify my hours.
I won't even go to the fact that with the wine shops off set week, that looks like one (California) week I work 25 hours, then the next I work 45 hours. My average hours with the wine shop were about 33 hours.

And, I don't know what to do about the start of the new year--I guess I need to call them, but part of me wants to wait until I get paid for old year, before I start on this new year.

I have reached the top of the tall mountain, only to see another set of mountains on the other side. A little disheartening to say the least.

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NYCold (by antheia)
Though I didn't post it, I did make a mental resolution to post more here. And then I didn't.

Quick summary.
The holiday job at the wine store was fun. I really did enjoy it, mostly. I have to admit, I did have my hopes up that they might hire me on. Most of the employees really got along with me, and the managers also really liked me. In one form or another, people basically said that "IF" they hire someone, it would probably be me.
While I was happy to hear that, I was also a bit scared, as I still struggled with the idea of staying in retail. Luckily (?) they didn't hire me on. They did keep me on for the 1 extra day to help with inventory, and they didn't ask any other holiday people.

I continue to battle with CA UI. After a screw up (on my part apparently) back in November, when I started the part time job, I stopped getting checks. I called numerous times and made corrections on the website--as instructed. By January I had talked to 2 people who assured me all was corrected and that "the check was in the mail." February, I spoke to someone else, who informed me that nothing was done, and that *they* had now corrected it all, and "the check was in the mail." According to them, it can take 10 days for the check to get to me, so I have to wait 2 weeks before I realize no check is coming, and then call again.
This last time, Feb 3rd, I had a good feeling. Like the person there, was really helping me. But no. When I called today--after taking a holiday, plus a snow day or 2 into consideration, I found out that it was NOT corrected--still. I let the lady with the heavy accent mildly berate me. "Why are you so far behind?" "Why are your forms so late?" **sigh**

How can I fill out a form if you don't send them to me? You don't send them to me, because I haven't filled them out?

So, this time, with a heavy heart, I again, hope that I can trust that this stranger has lead me down the true corrected path. Again.

PS I love the autosaved draft feature! Thank You LJ!

New Job Update
Last June I became unemployed. Work had been slow for about a year, and my boss had to close the NY office. I was able to claim unemployment through the summer, and it was not such a bad thing, since I had a family emergency in August. Having free time spend with my family was really a godsend.
But, after a few months, I realized that I was probably not going to get a job in my field, and just decided to try for some holiday position.

Well, I got a holiday job at SLW, a wine store, on 17 N. in Paramus, NJ. It is just for the holidays, but maybe it will go on into the New Year.

For those not familiar, SL is originally a CT grocery store that is something on par with Fairway and Trader Joe's--but has been around in CT for over 30 years. They still pride themselves on farm freshness and great prices. SLW in Paramus NJ opened up last fall, and there is one other one in Clifton NJ. The next nearest is in Yonkers.

So far I have worked 2 days, and I have to say, my feet hurt a bit after not being in retail for so long!

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On rumor of an MJ autopsy photo existing
B/W K (from KR daily)
"People are morbid,they love the macarb."

Saw that in the comments on AOL--it gave me a good laugh. All I could think of was getting a milk shake from McDonald's!

I know I am not immune to misspellings!

It's Official...
ed smiles
Sean Bean will play Eddard Stark in the HBO series 'Game of Thrones' based on George R.R. Martin's book series.

The author's own LJ, grrm, confimed the rumors.

Other casting was completed as well. Check out the ASOIAF website 'Tower of The Hand' for an article and pics.


Too soon to know for sure...
film in sync
So, my favorite series of books-A Song of Ice and Fire (sorry JRR!) was optioned by HBO almost 2 years ago. And they are finally getting to making the pilot this fall.

A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Peter Dinklage was the first actor cast, as one of the primary characters. That character is one of my favorites, and Dinklage was the one I imagined in the role as a I read the books--even before the books were optioned. And, before I ever learned that the author had also envisioned Dinklage as the character, and pretty much wrote it for him. (Let it be known, that we readers are eagerly awaiting the (2 years?) over due 5th (and final?) book. (ETA: Just checked and looks like this series will ultimately be 7 books.)

So, as my subject line implies, there is a new rumor that a "dream casting" is also in the works. Well, a dream casting in my dreams! He is an actor I have liked for a long time, and has been in his fair share of fantasy and action films. Though the character he is being connected to is not my first choice for him, let's just say, I will NOT COMPLAIN if he is truly cast. In fact, some would say the actor in question is usually cast as the heavy, and if cast as this character, he will be playing pretty much the only clear cut "good guy" in the series.
On various sites, people have always wanted to cast a bigger name for the character, since it is an important one, yet is also only in the first book--the thinking being that a big name would be able to commit to a few months, as opposed to the possibility of a successful 3-5 year commitment for the major players.

I was going to name the actor, but have decided against it...maybe in a follow up post--or if someone asks in the comments. I just don't want to jinx this!

(After typing this, I realize that some people might not consider this actor to be "big name"--I guess he is only "big name" in a certain genre of film, or maybe just our fandom. So, I guess for me, it is like 2 fandoms colliding, and all the good bits getting mashed together!)

LOTR live concert at Radio City Music Hall
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Probably known already, but I just saw this on TORN. (Looking up some other info--see other post.)

October 9+10, Friday and Satruday night.
300 piece orchestra, 2 choral groups.
Performing liver under projections of Fellowship.

I really want to go. Seems like something you would want to see, if you consider yourself a fan. Which I do.


Realized I have no LOTR icons--since it has been so long, thought I wouldn't ever need one!
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2 months later...
film in sync
Well, June was crazy.

A few days before my trip to California, my boss called me and told me I had to pack up the office. I was not really thrilled. It was a Thursday night, and I had the weekend planned to visit a friend, then pack for my trip on Monday, and fly out on Tuesday. So--yes, that left Friday for me to pack up the office. It took me about 12 hours. After about 8 hours, I stated thinking, "I think I can wrap this up in 1 hour." X4.
The reality is that I was able to pack everything. I was able to store all the important computer and actual work stuff. I had to let the guys from the company I rent from, breakdown my work tables and store them, as well as 20 boxes of office supplies and misc. stuff--which the probably did over the weekend. They were going to try and paint and clean the office for the new tenant by Wednesday.

The weekend with my friend was nice. It had been a long time--and we only live about 80 minutes away. She always jokes that we saw each other more when we lived on opposite coasts! Since I was newly unemployed, she wouldn't let me pay for anything. Actually it was only one dinner in question, even though we were celebrating her birthday, she wouldn't let me chip in at all.

State of the Job
Ikiru (from PBS.com)
Well, it became official about 2 weeks ago.
I will be unemployed at the end of June...unless a project comes along.

It isn't too surprising. After losing that job in March, it was really only a matter of time. My boss tends to be very optimistic and upbeat, but I guess even she has a limit and needs to think about the bottom line.

For the last 3 weeks or so I had been volunteering at the Tribeca Film Festival. Mostly in 'production' which means: moving boxes around. stacking boxes. moving boxes around again. 'staging' boxes onto trucks or vans. The guys I worked with were really nice--but I was a bit, um, what's that word? Oh, yeah..bitter, since most of the guys were paid PAs. Anyway, I am glad that I did it, it did fill the time up.

My next task is to find a place to put the office into storage. Again, my boss's optimism is warranting me to only put it into storage, rather than pack it off to LA. I am having some problems, as the place we want to store it (my former office space, former storage location and possible source of work) is telling me they have no space for me. :/
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Consider yourself lucky...
Ikiru (from PBS.com)
"Consider yourself lucky, you're over 40 and uninsured."

Yep. That's what I was told this morning.

Ok, I was at the free breast screening program up at St. Luke's, and apparently, they lost some funding this past year and their free program now only serves uninsured women over 40.
Go me.

yeah, now you all know (approximately) how old i am.


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