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B/W K (from KR daily)
I just got an email reply from my old boss, M. We had not been in touch since the holidays. I had filled her in on how the job is going, and some of my concerns. As always, she had good advice for me.
I had also asked her about what to do with the specialized equipment I have stored since the business closed (almost 2 years ago!). She told me that they had just finished Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in California, and that I was free to do what I like with it. She also has equipment to deal with...but thinks it will take her a bit longer decide what to do with it.
M. had been working in this business since she was 17. She started her own company at 21, and raised 2 children in the office with her, wrote her own software, and opened up offices in Sydney, London, LA, Chicago and NY. She had 40 years in total of doing a job she truly loved. I guess it will take her a bit more time.

At the end of the email, she told me that knew the couple (owners of the boat) that was killed by Somali pirates back in February. A couple of years ago, M. joined the choir at the Santa Monica church they belonged to. M. has a great voice, she was in a back-up singer for a fairly well known pop band in Australia in the 80s. [There is a great liner pic of her in those black fingerless gloves, a la Madonna.] She joined to sing for the Easter holiday, but she was not a real member of the church, she just did it to have a chance to sing again. Anyway, during the time there, she became friends with the wife. About 6 months later, at the end of October, M. and her husband were on a 3 week trip sailing around French Polynesia.
To help cover at work, I came to LA and stayed at M.s house. Work was stressful with crazy deadlines, but I did enjoy staying at their little 1/2 remodeled bungalow in west LA all on my own.

Of course, M. ended the email saying..."Just shows that we need to make the most of everyday."


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