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Start of census training
working with numbers
I just came home from my first day of Crew Leader training. It was quite interesting. Not too much was accomplished. We were first sworn in as federal employees and had to fill out several forms for employment, tax withholding, and direct deposit. Then we spent almost 2.5 hours just finger printing 10 people! And that was with 2 advisors doing it--but we did have to have it done twice. I was the last to get done, so I either read the manual, or chatted with the other trainees while I waited. Then we broke for lunch. After lunch, we went over the fact that the census is confidential and you need to respect peoples private information, etc. Then we signed some more forms indicating that we will respect peoples private information. We did get a little nylon briefcase that has "US Census" on it. And we got two medium size boxes. One was our training materials for learning how to train the enumerators, and the other was supplies we will use to actually train the enumerators. So, it does look like, if I pass this training, I will not be going out door-to-door, I will be assigning that to enumerators, and helping them fill out the paperwork--census paperwork, and just the basic "getting paid" paperwork.

The training is "verbatim", meaning all we will have to do is read, verbatim, out of a training notebook and try to answer questions the enumerators have. Help them fill out the same forms we filled out today, and finger print them.
My training is all this week. Friday will be a half day, spent learning and practicing how to finger print.
Next week, I believe we have Monday off, then on Tuesday, I think we will be up at our local office, doing the enumerator training...still not clear on that.

They really stressed that this is a fast paced situation, so we (and the enumerators) really have to be on the ball, right out of the gate. Any problems with performance will only have one chance to correct. If it isn't corrected within a day or two, then that is it. Someone from upper management gave us a bit of a pep talk. Stressed that we need to "pump up" our enumerators as to how important accuracy is. How our county is in danger of loosing a representative if we can't "find" the "missing" 150,000 residents needed. We were also warned, that there will be some enumerators who are just trying to milk the system for the good hourly pay, and will fabricate answers to questionnaires without actually doing any proper work.

I will keep you up to date, as my training progresses.
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