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That's loco, Neo!

I have no response to that.

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Laundry List of the past few weeks
B/W K (from KR daily)
It looks like the 2 purple astor mums are also returning. I wasn't sure, since only one had "something" growing in between the dead branches. But now it looks like the same "something" is growing in the matching pot. So, I am assuming they are both returning. I checked on the large orange mums, and those still look totally dead.
I need to check on what the sprout of a purple ornamental kale looks like, because that might be coming back too.

On the job front:
I had submitted my resume for a job that I kinda really wanted. It was a lateral and 1 up move for me...at least I think that is what it would have been. I wasn't really sure I would get it, because of the lateral part, but I had hoped my specific experience would have been an extra check in my column. It was with a big company, so I suppose it could take more than 2 weeks to hear back from them.

In the mean time, the US Census got back to me. I really did think they were passing over me, since it had been more than 4 weeks since I took the test. So, I accepted the temp job. I will start on crew leader training next week, and it is paid 40 hour training. The rate is pretty good, about twice as much as I got for my holiday retail job. And if I am hired as a crew leader, I will get an extra 1.50 more per hour.

All this is great, since I had an unforeseen car repair last week. And of course, I also had to get my emissions test this week, and failed it. So, now there will be another bill for whatever that will cost to get it fixed.

Glass half full, glass half empty?

Should I be glad I have a temp job to pay for the repairs? Or should I be pissed that I have to pay out for them?
I really thought that with my tax return, I might be able to breath a little this month, but I guess the cosmos has other plans for my tax return.


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