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Job Search
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I saw a job that I was possibly qualified to do on the company's website. It spurred me on to work on my resume as if I was really trying to get that job. My previous resume was focused on getting a retail job, so I glossed over the specifics of my job, and concentrated on the basic idea of being able to handle multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and dealing with people. This time, I listed all the projects I had worked on in the past 3 years, and felt a bit accomplished for a few minutes. Especially since 2 of my largest projects happened concurrently.

Since this possible job is more like a lateral move, I started to write out a cover letter to address my skills and achievements how they would be relevant to the position in question. I know I have over thought it, and will need to carve it down. But it's a start.

Has anyone used Openoffice.org? It is an open source alternative to micro soft word office suite.
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